Newsletter: World Commodity Supply / Demand Analysis

Information: World trade - exports updated weekly. Uses the latest official export data from origin to destination coupled with updates that show a fresh picuture of export shipments by destination from the major origins. Knowledge: Newsletter recaping the primary changes to world supply and demand of the commodities we follow. Extensive attention is devoted to international trade, and how that impacts the export opportunities of competing origins in today's world.

Risk Management Opportunities: Present risk management opportunities to clients that operate in today's world grain markets. Evaluate the risks and rewards basis today's information and knowledge base, along with a historical review of what history has shown in similar "analog" years. Extensive detail supports all analysis of analog supply / demand years along with comments on today's opportunities. WCA believes that the detailed information, analysis and knowledge process gives our clients a confidence that the opportunities they face are exceptional or poor. That confidence is what leads risk managers to become better at what they do.

World Commodity Information - - Individually priced according to need and detail.
World Commodity Knowledge - - Newsletter emailed to clients several times per week.

Typical weekly distribution:

  • Monday- Recap USA export shipments, Crop conditions or important weather conditions around the world
  • Thursday - Recap European export sales
  • Friday - Recap of updated supply / demand tables by origin for the grains WCA follows
    Includes any important changes in monthly official shipments by origin, weekly shipments by major origins, and weekly changes in nominations for major origins.

Monthly reports or reports as needed :

  • Comment as needed for unexpected events and price volatility
  • Comment on upcoming USDA reports of supply / demand; acreage and stocks
  • Comment on the actual monthly USDA report on supply / demand, acreage and stocks
  • Comment on the USDA's forecast of world trade by destination
    Weekly Risk Management reports that uses the analysis from the weekly and monthly reports listed above. The weekly risk management reports focus is on price trends and specific valuation models for commodity prices based on this year's supply / demand expectations and comparing those to historical market evaluations in analog years.
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  • $15,000 per year
  • World Commodity Supply / Demand Analysis for Wheat, Corn, and Soybeans
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